Founded July 15, 2017

Care when you need it, care for others when you can.
— Zen, Founder


Our Mission

The Haven Support is a mental health nonprofit organization. We hope to be able to raise funds for members who cannot afford or access prompt mental health care. Currently we run one Discord server and all donations go to server maintenance and advertising.

The Haven
is an 18+ peer support chat. We have a thriving community of 6000 members, ranging from people living with mental illness to friends, family, loved ones, and folks seeking emotional support. The vision for this project is to offer peer support to people who feel isolated and a place where they can feel at home. 

The Haven Support Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.
Any gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

What We've Achieved

  • ~6000 members in The Haven

  • 17,500+ followers on Instagram

  • an active and thriving community

  • regular events and daily participation

  • partnerships with unique servers and organizations

  • a large and dedicated moderating team

  • forums on PsychCentral for everyone to discuss mental health