Please note that we are not always accepting applicants and we do not respond if your application is rejected. You will be notified if your app is accepted.


Anyone can be a support! Visit #how-to-join-support for all the details. To begin, go to #bot-spam and type -active-support, which will then prompt you to choose which type of supporter you’d like to be. See the guidelines for more information about how to support.

This is THE most essential role on the server and we are always looking for volunteers. If you like to help people this is a great way to get involved!!


Moderators are people who have shown consistent activity in the server and a good sense of how to deal with other people. You must be a part of The Haven for at least a month before you will be considered for the position. A great way to begin is to apply for the Guide position.

Apply here.


The Guides are responsible for integrating new members into the community and answering general questions about the server. You must have been a member for at least 2 weeks before you can apply to be a guide.

Apply here.

Events Staff

If you’d like to be a part of events on the server, join us on the Events Staff!

Apply here.