The Haven contains very mature content. Peers must be 18+ to participate in chat. Please, no research, promoting or writers looking for inspiration. Always be mindful of your own triggers. Remember that this is a private server, run by volunteers, and we are doing our best to make it safe for the greatest number of people possible.

Upon joining the server you agree that the server owner and the parent organization are in no way liable for any damages either physical or psychological incurred due to interactions on the server. By continuing to use this server, users retroactively agree to the updated terms of use.

For a full list of FAQ, please see our Gitbook site!

1) All advice and diagnoses are to be considered anecdotal. We are not medical professionals and if you require immediate attention please call the crisis hotline in your area. Type .hotline in any channel to get a list of international suicide hotline numbers or .textline for text-based crisis lines.

2) Because we are not medical professionals we cannot offer medical advice, which includes but is not limited to physical health issues.

3) Do not suggest that another member harm themselves. This is an immediate ban.

4) Do not advertise or solicit. This includes solicitation of illegal drugs. 

5) Respect your fellow users. No harassment or trolling of any kind. Slurs and derogatory language are not allowed.

6) Usernames and avatars must be appropriate for a mental health server. No NSFL or other triggering content.

7) Do not send unsolicited DMs: ask the person in a public channel first. If you have a question for the Team, you can post it in #🌟server-questions🌟 or DM a mod or an admin. Team DMs are always open for server related issues, but not support.

8) If someone blocks you, please do not request that other people find out why for you. Respect boundaries.

9) No guilt tripping anyone.

10) Do not flood or spam the channel.

11) Do not post personal information of others.

12) Do not post NSFW links or images outside of the NSFW channels.

13) We do not allow images of genitalia in any medium or pornographic, explicit imagery.

14) Photos of injuries, self inflicted or otherwise, are not allowed and will be removed.

15) Do not post NSFL content at all. This includes body horror as it may be triggering.

16) Images or talk of animal cruelty or intended violence against others are not allowed, and will result in either a warning or a ban based on the discretion of the moderating team.

17) Be mindful of triggers. This means that you will not intentionally set off other users. Be kind and be respectful. If someone asks you to refrain from a triggering behavior, listen. Not doing so will result in a warning.

18) We are a religion and politics free zone in all channels except #religion and #politics.

19) Please note that the team may sometimes ask that a discussion to be moved to DM. Please comply with these requests.

20) The team reserve the right to remove any disruptive users with or without warning.

21) We have a 4 warnings system. At 3 warnings you receive a 24 hour ban, after which you may return but your final warning is a permanent ban. All warnings can be cleared with time and good behavior.

22) Please allow moderators to handle tricky situations; if you have any input, it should be shared privately with the Team. If you have an issue with a moderating decision or event, please talk with another moderator or an admin. Willfully ignoring a moderator’s request may result in a warning.

23) Team members do not provide support via DM.

24) Avoiding the automod will result in a warning. If something gets auto modded, don't repeat it to avoid the filter.

25) Obviously attempting to circumvent the rules will result in either a warning or a ban depending on the seriousness of the rule being avoided.

26) Please do not @Team unless it is an urgent issue that requires immediate attention and intervention.

27) At this time, we do not support pedophiliac disorders. If you are seeking help, please try https://www.virped.org/giving-getting-help.html.

28) Soliciting of romantic or sexual activity is not allowed in any channel. Failure to follow this rule my include consequences up to and including a ban.

29) Attacking someone because of their nationality, accent, religion, orientation or identity is absolutely not allowed and will result in a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the situation.

30) Members who claim to be in the healthcare profession are not vetted by the staff of this server and any advice given should be taken as anecdotal. For medical professionals who offer support, please do not announce your vocation while doing so.

31) No images of active violence or a threat to someone’s life. Images of weapons are OK so long as they do not threaten someone. Video game captures are allowed within reason, so long as they adhere to the rest of the server rules.

32) Team members and supports are helping this community in their free time. Any unwarranted negative behavior towards them or nonconstructive feedback will result in a final warning or a ban.

These rules are not to be interpreted how you like. There are no loopholes. Anyone claiming to not be breaking the rules due to it "not being in the rules" will receive an appropriate consequence.

If you have issues with anyone or anything on this server, please DM an Admin or a Moderator with all the relevant details.

We cannot help anyone if we are not aware of an issue.