Get Involved

If you are suffering from mental illness and would like to join The Haven, there are many things you can do to help others once you're a member. One opportunity is to join our Support team. The support role is self-assignable, so you can join or leave as makes you comfortable. Supports are notified when someone tags @Support for help in our "I Need Support" channels. They are people who are willing to listen and try to help people seeking advice, comfort, and company. You do not have to be a Support in order to help in the support channels, however. 

Another way you can help out is by joining the Chat role. This will tag you any time someone is looking to talk in "Looking for Chat." Sometimes people just want to shoot the breeze.

We are also looking for submissions for our monthly writing prompt and other artistic works for our blog. 

If you are involved in another website or Discord server and you'd like to discuss partnership or cross-promotion, please leave us a message in Contact Us.