The Haven contains very mature content. Peers must be 18+ to participate in chat.

Please, no research, promotion, or writers looking for inspiration. Everyone (who remains respectful) is welcome in this server.

Always be mindful of your own triggers. Please remember that this is a private server and we are doing our best to make it safe for the greatest number of people.


If you want to help you can join the peer or friends support team so you are notified when people are looking for help. You can self-assign the support role by visiting #how-to-join-support on the server.

Other volunteer positions are listed here.

Custom bot commands

You can purchase commands by going to the ?store and for 5000 flowers you can ?buy purchased command. Afterwards, head to #member-input and type !customcmd trigger content. So for instance I could type !customcmd zen Zen is always lurking and the bot would respond to .zen with the text “Zen is always lurking.”

If you cannot see what the bot is saying to you, turn on LINK PREVIEWS in personal settings.

To see a FULL list of commands type .cmds in one of the #bot-spam channels but be warned the bot will send you a couple dozen DMs. Instead, here are some popular commands:

  • .minor: since we are an 18+ server, you can use this command to bring up a message to an underage member and then you should contact the Team.

  • .crisis notifies you via DM about how to report to the Team about a crisis situation involving a suicidal person

  • .drugcombos links to Tripsit and its compendium of drug interactions

  • .selftalk posts a list of positive affirmations

  • .si pulls up a guide on how to tolerate self-harm/injury urges

  • .headdesk: a fun graphic to express yourself

  • .breathe is a meditative breathing aid

  • .breathecat is a meditative breathing aid, but with a kitty

  • .emotion is an emotion wheel to help identify what you’re feeling

  • .feelwheel: an emotion wheel

  • .tipp suggests ideas for distress tolerance

  • .dissociate is a description of dissociation

  • .pds: the DSM-IV and DSM-V criteria of all the personality disorders

  • .selfcare is a checklist to help you take care of yourself

  • .gad is information on generalized anxiety disorder

  • .sz is info on schizophrenia

  • .ptsd is info on PTSD

  • .mindful is a guide for mindfulness

  • .grounding is a 54321 grounding exercise

  • .mhcommands <— for a full list of useful mental health/support commands

Cake days

We have added tags like 1 month club and 1 year club that we can add for you if you ask in #server-questions and show a screenshot of your !whois or ?whois command.

The current tags are 1 month club, 3 month club, 6 month club, and 1 year club.

Donate to the Haven

The Haven Support Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

In the server you can type donate (by itself) in any channel and it will pull up a link to our linked PayPal donation and role-giving site. When you choose to donate, make sure you put your own username in the username drop down, otherwise the bot will not know who you are or to give you the role. If you want to gift the role to another user, put their name in the drop-down box instead of yours. DM an admin/exec to claim your flowers. If you donated and gave the role to someone else, let us know so we can check that they have the role.

The roles:

$1 Haven #1 Fan — 10,000 🌸
$5 Haven Homie — 50,000 🌸
$10 Haven Do-gooder — 100,000 🌸
$15 Haven’s Good Egg — 150,000 🌸
$25 Haven Benefactor — 250,000 🌸
$50 Haven Helping Hand — 500,000 🌸
$75 Haven Sponsor — 750,000 🌸
$100 Haven Hundred Club — 1,000,000 🌸
$250 Haven’s Most Wanted — 2,500,000 🌸
$500 Haven’s Angel Donor — 5,000,000 🌸
$1000 Haven’s BAE — 10,000,000 🌸

How to earn currency

Our server's currency are flowers. Flowers are earn by typing in chat, as well as through the commands ?work and ?crime (though beware, this one is a gamble). You will also earn flowers periodically as an allowance once you are a member. To check your balance type ?money in #bot-spam. Your money is kept in cash and in the bank. You can deposit by typing ?dep # or ?dep all or you can withdraw money with the ?withdraw command. If you want to give your friends money, use ?give-money @name amount. If you have questions. please tag @guides so they can help!

YouTube Channel

We’ve started a new project! Our YouTube channel is empty and we want your videos. If you want to submit a short video, no longer than 5 mins, about your life, mental health, a hobby, whatever you want (as long as it follows the rules of the server), upload it to a google drive and send a share link to We’ll watch it to make sure it’s appropriate for the channel, and then add it to our stream. Please include a description for us to put below your video and whether or not you would like to be credited.

The Haven Blogs

Submit you writing or art to our blog!

Member Input

You can interact with us in a variety of ways. Head to #member-input to voice your opinions or make suggestions. If you have questions about the server, you can ask in #server-questions or ping @guides.

-birthday Month Day (Write out the month like March vs a number: ex. -birthday March 15)
!suggestion Add more channels for stuff !buddy Looking for buddy message
!prompt Daily Prompt Idea !report A server issue or an issue with a user
!teamcrisis A secret @team ping <-- please include usernames, channels, and any other relevant information
!customcmd <trigger> <link.jpgorgif> Request a custom command after you've bought the role from the ?store
!customreply < work | crime | fail > <Message to send> <-- for the flower bot
!puzzle Answers to the puzzle prompt !celebration
!artsubmission A link to your artwork either in Discord or on the web !eventfeedback <Event name | Event leader name> <Feedback>
-tw-art <link to artwork> <--- to submit trigger warning art visit #submit-tw-art

Self Assignable Roles

You will find reaction emotes available via #self-assigned-roles, like gender etc. You can also Opt Out or Opt In to things like Events pings or Daily Prompt pings.


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